We rarely see in full the cities that we live in. Focused on our daily lives, urban dwellers are often only dimly aware of the numerous, enmeshed layers of critical infrastructure that quietly hum in the background to make modern life possible.

There are amazing stories and surprising histories to be found lurking just below the surface: the architecting of dense thickets of trade and shipping that make the modern economy possible, the design and planning of systems of public transportation, and the continual battle over the flows and accessibility of water, to name a few.

MacroCity is a day-long, whirlwind tour of this bigger picture of urban life. It brings together a diverse set of panelists, speakers and participants to explore the vast, often overlooked networks of infrastructure that surround us. In doing so, the conference aims to celebrate the numerous people whose countless efforts shape the built landscape every day.

The conference will be held on May 30-May 31, 2014 at SPUR and the Brava Theater in San Francisco, CA. Registration is now open!

MacroCity is a project of the Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory. For more information, please contact xiaowei@infraobservatory.com

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